Electronic Fuel Injection and Service Centre, Orange NSW
Burcher EFI & Service Centre, Orange Central West NSW.
Burcher EFI building, Kenna Street, Orange NSW.
Cammander - Analysis
Ignition Analysis
Engine Analysis
Burcher EFI have the latest EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) diagnostic equipment in the Central West, specialising in fault finding, fault code extraction and erasing. 
At Burcher EFI we make sure that your vehicle has the best fuel efficiency possible with the best engine diagnostics possible. 
Our gas analysis machine is the best in the business and we are up to specifications with the R.T.A. by using the latest 5 gas analysis
We also do off vehicle fuel injector cleaning, with a complete before and after report.
Burcher EFI & Service Centre can supply & recode all your Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon
key remotes.
Most people thought this was a dealer only service...not a chance....if the dealers can do it, we have the technology to do it as well.
At BurcherService Centre we do all new car servicing without voiding your dealer warranty.
Also brakes, steering, suspension repairs and all other mechanical repairs.
See the the team at Burcher EFI for the best service in the Central West.
We are in the big yellow building in
Kenna Street, Orange.
15 Kenna Street, Orange NSW  2800Phone  02  6362 5597
Burcher EFI & Service Centre15 Kenna Street, Orange NSW  2800Phone  02  6362 5597
Phone us on 02  6362 5597
or send us an email
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