Mount Canobolas is an extinct volcano that experienced a series of eruptions some 13-11 million years ago.
At 1397m above sea level, Mount Canobolas is the highest peak on a line between Sydney and Perth with spectacular 360° views of the surrounding countryside from its summit.

Rare plants and lichens, many animal species, unusual rock formations and evidence of a thriving Aboringinal culture can be found on its slopes.
Taking one of the bush walks offers opportunities to see a wide range of fauna - rosellas, cockatoos, parrots, lorikeets, grey kangaroos, wallabies,  wombats, koalas and small possums....

The name Canobolas is derived from the Wiradyuri words 'Gaahna Bulla' for the area meaning 'two shoulders' - in reference to the two main peaks of Old Man Canobolas and Young Man Canobolas.
Mount Canobolas Reserve, Lake Canobolas Reserve, Orange Central West NSW
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Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area -
Lake Canobolas Reserve, Federal Falls, Hopetoun Falls, Mount Towac, The Walls
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Lake Canobolas Reserve, Orange NSWLake Canobolas - summer fun and recreation.Lake Canobolas - summer fun recreation.Lake Canobolas - Autumn coloursSnow at Lake Canobolas Reserve, Orange NSWSnow at Lake Canobolas, Orange NSWCauseway over Lake Canobolas Dam Wall, Orange NSWLake Canobolas Reserve, picnic, bbq areas and shelters.Lake Canobolas Reserve - picnic areas, facilities.Spillway, Lake Canobolas Dam, Orange NSWOld Pumphouse, Lake CanobolasOld Pumphouse, Lake CanobolasDragon Racing at Lake Canobolas.
Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area, Orange NSWLooking toward Mount Canobolas - Autumn Colour in Orange NSWMount Towac, Young Man Canobolas, Old Man Canobolas.Looking down to Orange from Mount Canobolas summit.View midway to Mount Canobolas summit.Another view from Mount CanobolasOn Mount Canobolas SummitMount Canobolas summit walks.Snowing on Mount Canobolas
- image by Hetha Griffiths - on Mount Canobolas
- image by Hetha Griffiths - on Mount Canobolas.Federal Falls camping area.Walks from Federal Falls camping ground.Federal FallsView from Walls Picnic Area.
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Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area -
Bushwalking, Lookouts, Picnics, Camping.
In winter it is normal for there to be several falls of snow on the mountain creating a special place with the magic of snow.  Muffled sounds, snow capped trees that tinkle in the breeze and everywhere in the snow - the tracks of the local Wombats.

Explore the rich subalpine landscape and dramatic views over the surrounding region by taking some of the bush walks in the reserve.

Of these, the walk to Federal Falls is a special favourite, especially after recent rain when the falls are flowing.
Archaeological research at the Federal Falls Camping Area show that Aboriginal stone tool making was a significant activity here.

Elsewhere views from the Walls Picnic Area and the summit of Mount Towac provide a striking chance to look across and appreciate the distinctive peaks of Mt Canobolas from a different perspective.
Camping and Bush Walking in Mount Canobolas Conservation area:
Federal Falls Campground and Picnic Area:
Follow the road to Mount Canobolas Summit until you see Towac Way on your right.  Turn right onto Towac Way and watch for Federal Falls campground on your right.  The campground is equipped with barbecues and picnic tables.

Both Federal Falls and Hopetoun Falls walking tracks begin at this campground. The Snowgum track to the summit of Mt Canobolas can also start here.
Federal Falls Walk:
A loop walk of 3.8 km - the walk starts and ends at the Federal Falls Campground, taking aproximately 2.5 hours.  Start the track at either the northern or southern end of the campground.  It is a walk of medium difficulty.  The majority of the walk is fairly easy with just the final 336m down to the falls being a very steep incline.  There is a rail to assist you but only confident walkers should attempt this.
Hopetoun Falls Walk:
Hopetoun Falls are smaller and less visited than Federal Falls.  Take the northern entrance to the Federal Falls walking track for about 400m to the start of the Hopetoun Falls track.  A difficult strenuous walk for experienced walkers - very narrow and rocky.  2.8km each way taking 1 hr 30 mins ea way.
Mount Towac Walk - Towac Picnic Area:
Follow the road to Mount Canobolas Summit until you see Towac Way on your right.  Drive along Towac Way until you reach the Gum Ridge fire trail.
Park and walk along the trail for 100m to the start of the track.  A walk of medium difficulty, 1.8km each way, taking about an hour each way.
Travel a little further along Towac Way to the Towac Picnic area.
Walks from Mount Canobolas Summit.
The Walls Picnic Area and Walls Lookout
A 1.4 km walk - starting from the summit of Mount Canobolas.
The Walls, is a volcanic dome to the south of Mount Canobolas.
Young Man Canobolas Summit Walk -
A walk of medium difficulty,  1km each way and about 30 mins each way to Young Man Canobolas summit. Begin this walk from the summit of Mount Canobolas (also known as Old Man Canobolas).
This track connects with the Spring Glade, Snowgum and Nature tracks - watch out for Signs along the way.

- The Snowgum track is on the right about 100m from Mt Canobolas summit and heads downhill to Federal Falls Camping Area.  A fairly easy walk 1.4 km each way and 1 hour each way.
The Spring Glade Track - 1.5km (30 mins) each way - down from Mt Canobolas summit or a gentle climb up to the summit from the Spring Glade car park on Canobolas Way
- The Nature Track - a 2.7km loop track (1 hour 30 mins) of medium difficulty, beginning from The Walls picnic area.
On this track you will see the diversity of flora and fauna - snow gums and canobolas candle bark, spectacular views and a small valley full of fishbone fern.  In late October and November you can see Canobolas' wildflower displays.  Rocky outcrops with rare lichens and fringed with heath burst into a mix of purple, red, yellow and white flowers.  The flowers only last about two weeks but they add patches of beautiful colour to the mountain.
As well as bush walking tracks their are horse riding trails.

There are amenities and information boards on the Mount Canobolas summit.
The Great Volcanic Mountain Challenge: An Annual event, usually in March.
The Great Volcanic is a 'fun run' style event where you can run or walk to the top of Mount Canobolas. A course of 11km and as you might expect, the course is mostly uphill but only a couple of sections are steep.  From the Start near Towac Pinnacle Picnic Grounds (off Pinnacle Rd) you first visit Mt Towac (that's a steep section but worth it for the views) and then Young Man Canobolas before the final climb to Mt Canobolas (also steep).  The overall climb is 520m.
Lake Canobolas Reserve -
Swimming, Canoeing, Fishing, Picnics, Bush Walking:
Lake Canobolas is situated 10 kilometres to the south west of Orange - 2 kilometres off Cargo Road.

Formerly known as Meadow Creek Dam, Lake Canobolas was constructed in 1918 as the water supply for Orange. After Suma Park Dam was completed in 1962 as the main water supply Lake Canobolas was no longer required for water supply and was developed as a recreation reserve for locals and visitors.

On the eastern side of the lake is the Old Meadow Creek Pumphouse which transported the water from the reservoir to Orange.  After sitting idle for around 60 years, the Pumphouse has been restored and is is open daily between 9am and 3pm or by appointment.
In a beautiful, tranquil setting, Lake Canobolas is great for swimming, canoeing, picnics, Dragon Boating and fishing.
It provides good picnic and  barbecue facilities as well as the opportunity for the wide range of leisure activities
There is a playground, picnic areas, shelters, BBQ facilities, cafe and amenities.
For the fishing enthusiast Lake Canobolas is regularly stocked with a variety of trout.
A walking track meanders around the lake and is a haven for native birds and other wildlife such as the echidna.

A great place to spend time in every season -
Perfect for fun in the sun in Summer.
Picture perfect in Spring and Autumn with the vibrant colours of the surrounding reserve
And a winter wonderland in Winter when snow falls.
Colour City Dragon Boat Club train and race at Lake Canobolas.

Dogs are not permitted within the Lake Canobolas Reserve.

Opening times - Open 7.30am to dusk.
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