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Orange City Croquet C lub
Orange City Croquet Club
Jaeger Reserve  -  149 Hill Street
Orange Central West NSW
President Ann Snape - 612 63628821
Secretary: Rik Mills - 614 39948198
Captain Helen James  - 614 56634466
Orange City Croquet is at the Jaeger Reserve on Hill Street where we have two courts and our own clubhouse.

We play two forms of Croquet.
On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings we play “Association”  in which extra turns are earned by knocking (“roqueting”) other balls on the court or by passing through a hoop.

In the afternoons, and on Wednesday evenings during daylight saving, we play Golf croquet where everyone is on court simultaneously and play moves from one hoop to the next as soon as one side has passed through the hoop.  An essential part of golf croquet play is to be able to block or knock away an opponent’s ball.

Players may choose to focus on one form of the game if they wish.
New croquet players are always welcome and their first six games are free.

The only equipment required by new players is soft-soled footwear; the club has a stock of mallets for new players’ use. All other equipment is owned by the club.

Introductory days and “learn to play” programmes are held at intervals during the year.
Croquet is a game of skill; no significant body strength is required. 
Men and women play on equal terms. 
The game is played on a grass court with six hoops placed around it in an approximate H formation; there is a peg about 600mm high at the centre of the court. The objective is to hit your ball(s) through the hoops in a defined order and, in one form of the game, finish by striking the centre peg.
Orange City Croquet Club
The balls are about 100mm diameter and weigh approximately 400g; a wooden or metal mallet is used to strike the ball.
Games are organized either as singles where each player plays two balls or doubles where players are formed into two teams of two people.
Playing Croquet - Orange City Croquet Club
Playing Croquet - Orange City Croquet Club