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  • Grappling - (Judo)
  • Bando Thaing (Burma)
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  • Krav Maga (Israeli)
  • Sambo (Russian)
  • Muscle Strengthening
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Japanese Martial Arts
Chinese Martial Arts
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Indian Martial Arts
Dravidian martial arts
  • Kuttu Varisai
  • Kalaripayat
  • Gatka
  • Varma Kalai
  • Vajra Mukti (Vajramushti)
Other Martial Arts & related Exercise
Kata - Japanese Martial Arts detailed, choreographed patterns of movements -  practiced either solo or in pairs.
Aikido Kenkuykai Orange
Uniting Church Hall, Anson Street
Orange NSW 2800
ph: (02) 6361 0129

High Impact Martial Arts & Health Studio
61-65 Lords Pl Orange NSW 2800
ph: (02) 6362 9329

Rappt Pty Ltd
Martial Arts & Self Defence Instruction & Supplies
GPO Box E298 Orange NSW 2800
ph: 1800 000 806

Martial Arts Australia
PO Box 9271 Bathurst NSW 2795
ph: 0437 905 060

Southern Cross Kickboxing and Muay Thai Gym, 308 Peisley Street, ORANGE  NSW  2800       Phone:  6361 0199

Zen Karate,
126 Gardiner Road, ORANGE  NSW  2800
Phone:  6362 0805
Kumiai-Ryu Karate-Do, PO Box 1579, ORANGE  NSW  2800
Phone:  6362 9329  0418 640 298
Orange Central West NSW, suppliers of Martial Arts equipment. 
Orange Classes in Martial Arts and Self Defence -  Karate, Kata, Kick-boxing, Judo, Juijitsu, Tai Chi, Yoga plus Weapons, Samurai Sword Arts and More..
Using Martial Arts for exercise and fitness and to benefit your health and lifestyle.
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Martial Arts & Self Defence
...fitness, exercise - instruction, supplies - health and lifestyle
Pollet's Martial Arts Centre, Orange Central West NSW
Pollet's Martial Arts Centre
Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre Orange is a Professional fulltime centre with world class facilities and trainers....More