A unique handcrafts centre for Arts & Craft groups in the district of Orange NSW situated in beautiful Cook Park in the centre of Orange.
Hand spun wool garments, pottery, leatherwork, lampshades,paintings, woodwork, homemade cakes, jams, pickles and much more.
In 1882 Orange Municipal Council officially bestowed the name "Cook" on the park in honour of Captain Cook.  The Sunken Garden and duck ponds occupy some of the former swamp area which was built up over the years.  In 1887 a lodge was built (at a cost of 185 pounds) for the Caretaker-Gardener, and for two generations the Bastick Family lived in the little cottage.  In recognition of this long service to the Park, Orange City Council has named the historic building Bastick Cottage.
When the cottage became vacant in 1973 it was decided to offer the use of the cottage to various Arts & Craft groups in the district for the promotion and display of all Art and Craft.
A Committee was formed to manage the cottage and it was decided to call the new venture "Park Guildry" meaning the union of men and women in a trade or craft to keep a high standard of work.  Right from the opening the community has been a driving force behind the projects as the Guildry is run on a voluntary roster system by its members.
Among the handcrafted goods sold are -
  • knitting, sewing, crochet
  • pottery, woodwork, leadlight
  • painting, leatherwork, jewellery
  • card making and much more...
On the cooking side we have -
  • cakes, slices, biscuits
  • chocolates, jams, pickles
  • chutneys, mustard, honey
All you have to do is take the label off and pretend you made it yourself.
We have a gift for every occasion and we will make things to order.
  • Hand spun wool garments
  • Pottery
  • Leatherwork
  • Lampshades
  • Paintings, Woodwork
  • Hand knitted Baby Clothes
  • Handmade Children's Clothing
  • Homemade Cakes, Jams, Pickles
  • Novelties
7 Days
10 am - 4 pm
Come and see for yourself
Park Guildry
Cook Park,
Summer Street, (PO Box 1243)
Orange NSW 2800

Phone 02  6362 5850

Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.
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New members are welcome and we always need more volunteers to staff the cottage so we can open 7 days a week